Can an admin get access to passwords not shared to anyone for a user who left the company?

We are about to rollout passbolt for the whole company. Two questions came up where we need clarification:

  1. If a user left the company (or is not available anymore due to illness or death), and has registered an important password but did not share it, is there a way that an admin can get access / recover this password?

  2. Same question but the other way round: If an employee wants to store their personal passwords (e.g. for their home banking account in passbolt), is there any way for an admin to somehow get access to this password even if the password is not shared? E.g. by deleting the account and assigning ownership of such a password to the admin itself?

Thanks for you help and kind regards, Raphael


  1. Not at the moment.
  2. No.

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I have a question that is similar, thought not exactly the same.
If a user leaves the company, is there an easy way for the administrator(s) to find all of the passwords that have been shared with/by that user? I’ve seen reference in some topics to writing “custom reports in SQL” and I don’t have a clue how to access the passbolt database to do something like this, and I can’t find any reference for it in the documentation.

Is this something that can be done?

@kenrhodes_mth we don’t have this report handy in SQL yet, but it will be part of the upcoming “Admin report” feature .