Can I do this with Passbolt?

On Passportal they have a way to auto-generate passwords for certain accounts in AD and refresh the passwords. So where this would be used is with Administrator accounts. Does Passbolt have a feature like this?


Hi @3GLighting I don’t think so, but it sounds like something another user has asked for. I had a look in the Feature Request section but couldn’t find it - if you when you check you don’t see anything listed and think it’s important please feel free to add it there.

For reference, I think this is what you are describing yes? Active Directory Password Reset Tool - N-able

Looking at the N-Able tool you linked, so there is there no AD sync ability with passbolt right? Looks like N-Able is doing something similar to what N-Able does but the last MSP I worked at used ConnectWise/Automate to do its MSP stuff and used some kind of tool that Passportal has to do the AD sync for the Administrator accounts or at least that’s what they were setup to do.


Well, I think you are covering a few features at once.

For example, the PRO version has an LDAP plugin Passbolt Help | Configure Ldap plugin

And then there’s this feature request which is partially finished for authentication: As a user I can login using my organization LDAP credentials - #2 by loomi

There are also a handful of related feature requests that speak to the issue of forcing a password reset, or communicating that a password needs to be changed - more or less communication out to a user or group about the matter. In this sense, the nature of the app from a security standpoint is non-authoritarian (I think this is a proper adjective).

What you are describing sounds like a scheduled, automated, resetting of in-passbolt passwords without interaction from a user. If that is an accurate summary, then no, nothing like that is in place at the moment.

In general, the app has a theme in many cases to permit a user to retain full control of the process of changing any credentials.

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