Changing/Adding a Logo

Good morning fine gentlemen,
I have a question that is more about design than functionality.

After some testing of pass bolt in our company, we love the software and would like to install it for a client to fix some of the problems with his current solution.

I want to ask is it possible to change pass bolt Logo on the login page, passbolt logo on interface and favicon. Worth notice is that what we use is the self-hosted solution.

We would much rather contribute to passbolt with a donation, rather than keeping the logo, as we find it confuses clients in our use case (say that we self host it at, instead of going onto people tend to go to and get lost from our testing.

Thank you in advance

Good morning kind sir,

You can already change the logos and favicons by replacing the images in /webroot or by forking passbolt styleguide, but that will create potentially some extra work for you during releases. So I guess what you are looking for is more of a way to change the logo in a more “official” way using settings right? Feel free to contact us at if you would like to sponsor this feature, we could fast track it.


No need, Changing files works for me. Just Could you tell me path where they are stored and from what file are they pulled, so that I can edit image names. Thank you

where they are stored

In webroot/img you will find the favicons, in webroot/img/logo you will find the logos.

where they are stored and from what file are they pulled

You can see this in the styleguide.

Please note that this is not really a future proof solution unless you automatize the process, as you will need to override these changes for each releases.