Trying to customize self-hosted Passbolt Instance

We just installed Passbolt for our company, and we’re loving the features - we’re even considering going pro soon, just to support the product. However, we’d like to change the logos and the favicon to those of our company, and I haven’t been able to find a way to do this. We’ve tried going into the webroot folder and changing the files that are being called, but that’s not helping. Other posts mention the StyleGuide, but we’re not sure how to implement changes in it and have it reflect on our instance. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @theraj Glad to hear you are enjoying the app and we would welcome your support as well, thank you.

A lot of what a user sees in Passbolt is actually coming from the extension and not the server. As a result, many desired UI customizations will be different than configurations on the backend that can be modified or customized on the fly. As extensions have to be built before being used, this recent post shares the general overview of the parts that go into a custom build if that’s what you decide to do.

Hi Garrett, thanks for the prompt response. If I make changes to the UI of the extension, will I have to package, redeploy it and share it with my team, or will we be able to push the changes to the extension already on our browsers? Also, how would I go about connecting the styleguide with the extension? It seems as through I’ll have to remove the npm dependency and create a new one to connect to the app - is that correct?

@theraj You would need to deploy your new version of the extension, and there are different considerations. Distributing an add-on yourself | Firefox Extension Workshop

To build it with your own styleguide it’s more a matter of general preference how your team wants to do this. After forking the styleguide you could change the extension’s Gruntfile.js to reference different cwd paths that could point to a local clone of your forked repo. Then run the grunt copy command build as noted in the extension README. Or you could change the package.json passbolt-styleguide dependency to be a local file reference rather than a package. These are just general ideas and not specific to passbolt.