Can't install npm modules for passbolt styleguide and browser extension

I want to modify passbolt visually, but I can’t even install npm modules in my local development environment.

More specifically I want to modify passbolt styleguide and use it to make a fork of the browser extension. I am following the github instructions for developers, but after many tries I keep getting errors installing npm modules for both (styleguide, and browser extension).

Passbolt Styleguide:
  1. Install grunt: npm install -g grunt-cli

That goes well

  1. Install the needed modules defined in the grunt config: npm install

And then I start getting too many errors and warnings in console that I end up not knowing what needs to be fixed. The debug log is over 6.000 lines, I uploaded it into a gist so you can look it properly. I really need help, or at least some guide that could help me troubleshoot this.

Debug log:

Passbolt browser extension:
  1. You will need node , grunt and the dependencies listed in packages.json .
git clone
cd passbolt_browser_extension


npm ci

Again I get many errors and I don’t know what is broken.

Debug log:

HI @JosephKM You could try steps here (Stack Overflow) which are general to issues related to node errors.

Also, forking the styleguide and beginning development is considered advanced and as a result support in the forum for this is likely to be limited. But I think it’s great you are doing it and definitely would not discourage you to try to build it. Best of luck!

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Hi @JosephKM ,

What is your node version?

@max the log was showing

3464 verbose node v16.13.0
3465 verbose npm  v8.1.0

ah sorry read too fast…

hmm npm 8.1 its pretty advanced

I am on the latest LTS node version so v16.13.1 but the npm version associated is 6.14.15

can you rollback your npm version and try again?

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Hi @garrett, I tried doign the

but it didn’t work. My npm version is already the latest one, “node_modules” folder didn’t get to be created, and I even tried to delete “package-lock.json”, but I think it’s supposed to be used in order for the installation to be the same for everyone.

Hi @max, 8.1 is the latest npm version, but apparently as you said it was “pretty advance” I don’t know why. I downgraded npm to your version (6.14.15) and the installation of passbolt styleguide went flawlessly. Thought passbolt browser extension installation keeps giving me errors.

The new problems are the following:

Passbolt styleguide

Instalattion went ok, grunt watch works fine, but npm run start-app-dev-server gives me an error related to webpack.

I made this gist with the errors that npm run start-app-dev-server gives me, and the summary of npm run test.


Passbolt browser extenssion

Instalattion keeps giving me errors, but they changed since I am using another npm version. I am currently trying to fix them from what I can troubleshoot, I will update you with this as soon as I can.