Passbolt extension in Tor browser

Hello! I have been trying to install the Passbolt extension in the Tor browser since it is based on Firefox.
I have managed to install the extension and start the recovery process, but when I follow the link sent by email, it does not recognize the installed extension and asks me to install it every time. I have tried reinstalling but it is always the same.
Do you know how to solve it? Is it a server misconfiguration or an extension compatibility issue?

hello @Termindiego25

I didn’t check yet but, does Tor browser manages specific URLs only?
The extension normally checks the URL to react if needed. There might be an issue here of course but, I’ve heard that Tor could be using onions URL or something like that.

As far as I know, using the Tor browser you can follow all the “normal” domains (the clearnet as they called them) and .onion domains related to darknet

Here is an example of clicking the installed extension on the Tor browser, which will redirect you to the Passbolt website using a “clearnet” domain:

Hello team! Any news on this?