Firefox Extension detection

How to deal with passbolt in browser ? Can I work without undetectable extension ?

same on yandex browser (chromium)

Hello @beremour and welcome to the forum!
I have the same problem with the Tor browser. Perhaps the extension does not work on Firefox or Chromium based browsers.
Let’s see if someone knows what could be happening and if there is a solution

Hello @beremour,

If the extension is no detected it might be due to multiple reasons.

Yandex not officially supported
While based on Chromium, Yandex is not officially supported and is not recommended.

Browser extension conflicting extensions
On both screenshots you posted we can see the presence of other extensions that can conflict with passbolt. Try to disable them all and retry the operation.
Another approach would be to try the the journey on a new browser profile, checkout about:profiles on firefox to create a new profile.

API configuration issue
In order to identify any API issues, checkout the API logs and health. Connect to your server in SSH, and execute the health check command on it. Checkout this documentation to know more about it.

Browser extension Multi-container not supported
As of now this is not supported, a bug is referenced here: Passbolt is not compatible with Firefox Multi-Account Containers · Issue #41 · passbolt/passbolt_browser_extension · GitHub

Browser extension unexpected error
Finally if you are in none of the above cases, checkout the passbolt browser extension logs for any relevant error. To do so, on Firefox, go to the eabout:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox and click on the inspect button.