Firefox 85.0.2 (64-Bit) - Add-on is not recognized

Hi, under chrome I was able to install and use the add-on without any problems.
In Firefox, however, the add-on is not recognized after the plug-in has been installed.
If I click on the plugins icon, I land here: Passbolt | How would you like to use passbolt?

Is there any information here?


Hello @Timo,

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with FF 88 or the ESR 78.

Could you tell me if you have any other browser extensions installed on your FF? Some could enter in conflict with passbolt.

Could you provide us with the output of the browser extension console?
New tab > go to about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox > look for passbolt card > Click inspect > copy errors under console tab

Best regards

Hi @cedric I’m having the same issue. I did what you advised, this is the output:

PassboltApiFetchError: The public key for this passbolt instance was not found.

PassboltApiFetchError moz-extension://5f4eb5fe-c985-457f-9dc9-eece35049b5a/index.min.js:7756

fetchAndHandleResponse moz-extension://5f4eb5fe-c985-457f-9dc9-eece35049b5a/index.min.js:32673


listen moz-extension://5f4eb5fe-c985-457f-9dc9-eece35049b5a/index.min.js:9253

The same happens on chrome, too. I had to change from my work Macbook, where it still works, to my private PC, where I never used Passbolt before. Maybe this helps in order to reproduce it.

Hello @iker3085,

Your problem looks different, in your case the API is not well configured and the gpg configuration requires your attention.

You can get more information by executing the following command from the passbolt location directory (/usr/share/php/passbolt on Debian, /var/www/passbolt on CentOS):

sudo -H -u www-data bash -c "./bin/cake passbolt healthcheck"