Deleting a user deletes their passwords

In reference to this post: As an admin, while deleting a user who is the sole owner of a password that is shared, I should be able to transfer the ownership to another user in order to be able to perform the deletion

This feature seems to have disappeared. I created a test user, gave them a test password that they are the exclusive owner of, and then deleted the user. Instead of getting the dialog to transfer ownership, the test user was simply deleted and the test password is gone.

Am I missing something? Did this feature get removed at some point? If so, how do we handle transferring credentials to ensure they aren’t lost on a user deletion?

hey @csatola welcome to the forum!

I believe there might be a slight misunderstanding here. For this dialog to appear the password has to be shared and it sounds like in your example you have a test user who has a password and they are the sole owner and it has not been shared with another user. So, to have this function as you’d expect you’d need your test user to share that password with another user with a permission other than owner and then when you delete the owner it will prompt you to promote another user as owner.