Docker Installation on CentOS: Error 2005 (HY000)

@diego I’m falling the guide detailing how to install Passbolt via docker on a Linux server and have hit my second snag.

After running the below command:

docker run --name passbolt --net passbolt_network \
             -p 443:443 \
             -p 80:80 \
             -e DATASOURCES_DEFAULT_HOST=mariadb \
             -e DATASOURCES_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=<mariadb_password> \
             -e DATASOURCES_DEFAULT_USERNAME=<mariadb_user> \
             -e DATASOURCES_DEFAULT_DATABASE=<mariadb_database> \
             -e APP_FULL_BASE_URL= \

I’m getting an ERROR 2005 (HY000): Uknown MySQL server host 'mariadb' (-2). I am unsure of how to proceed to resolve this error.

Also, on the App_Full_Base_Url entry, do I just put the IP address of the server that Passbolt will be running on?


Hey there glad to see you solved your first issue.

Seems like here you are having some issue again with spaces it should not be “maria db” it should be “mariadb”

@diego I think I just made a typo in the error message when posting, so there isn’t actually any space issue this time. I’ve edited my OP to reflect as such.

Hi there,

Before continuing debugging your issue, have you tried the docker-compose automated docker setup?

@diego No, I was pretty much just following the guide from top to bottom.

@Diego Could you point me in the direction of a how-to on the automated setup?

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