FreeIPA LDAP no groups or users [RESOLVED]

Followed the LDAP instructions but there are no suggestions specific to freeIPA, so I’m curious what others have used to get FreeIPA LDAP working.

Passbolt Pro version 4.0.0-2
Ubuntu 22.04

Testing the connection yields: A connection could be established. Well done!

But no groups or users are found.

Hi @dmgeurts Nested groups are not currently supported - maybe this is the case for you?

I found the issue, the group and user paths should not be fully qualified to this works:

  • Credentials
    • Directory type: Open Ldap
    • Server url: ldaps:// (ssl) 636
    • Authentication method: Basic
    • Username: uid=passbolt-search,cn=sysaccounts,cn=etc,dc=DOMAIN,dc=COM
    • Domain:
    • Base DN: cn=accounts,dc=DOMAIN,dc=COM
  • Directory configuration
    • Group path: cn=groups
    • User path: cn=users
    • Group custom filters: [empty]
    • User custom filters: [empty]
    • Group object class: groupOfNames
    • User object class: inetOrgPerson
    • Use email prefix / suffix?: Disabled