Group/Tag-restricted user management (visibility of users)

Dear all,

I am writing to advocate for the implementation of a new feature within our system, one that promises significant advantages to our operations. Specifically, I propose the integration of functionality that facilitates the management of visibility settings for certain groups or users within their respective cohorts.

It is my firm belief that individuals sharing a common group or class should enjoy the privilege of viewing one another’s profiles, whilst preserving their privacy from those beyond their designated circle. Consequently, I advocate for the restriction of user account visibility, reserving access solely for administrators tasked with overseeing and managing all user accounts.

Furthermore, I propose that users with membership in multiple groups be granted the capability to selectively share their information solely with members of those particular groups.

Regarding password sharing, it is imperative that users are equipped with the means to limit visibility exclusively to individuals within their designated parameters.

Allow me to enumerate the benefits of such a feature:

Enhanced Transparency and Structured Group Management: This feature promises to streamline our operations by providing a clear framework for group interactions. It will facilitate more organized communication and collaboration among members, ultimately leading to greater productivity.

→ Improved Privacy and Security: By restricting access to user accounts and sensitive information, we can effectively safeguard our data from unauthorized access. This feature ensures that only those with appropriate permissions can view and manage relevant content, thereby enhancing the overall security of our system.

Increased Efficiency: With the ability to selectively share information with specific groups, users can streamline their workflow and ensure that pertinent information reaches the relevant parties in a timely manner. This targeted approach to communication and data sharing promotes efficiency and reduces the likelihood of information overload.

In conclusion, I envision this feature empowering users to share passwords and folders with confidence, safe in the knowledge that access is restricted to those with appropriate permissions.

Warm regards,


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