Having issues getting HTTPS to work [browsers will complain about self-signed certs]

Hello so I’m having issues with getting HTTPS to work with my Ubuntu server. Passbolt opens but with a Not Secure at the top. Here is a copy of my Health Check. I tried to get into the /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php to check the 'fullBaseURL but there is no instructions on how to do so. Here is also is my health check screen shots

Sorry will only let me post one picture

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Is the Not Secure a browser message? Today I could not access with the recent Firefox version, but Chrome permitted a bypass. Self-signed certs will cause browsers to throw a complaint.

Yes at the top of Chrome it says Not secure and the HTTPS is crossed out. when I first tried to logon, it threw that this site may not be save and I had to click advanced to proceed. All is working, just not secure.

Like this: Problem finishing install on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS - #16 by garrett

Yes mine looks just like that.

For self-signed certs, they are missing a 3rd part that vouches for who signed it. It is technically secure, but only partially - the part about is the domain verified by a publicly trusted cert issuer…the chain is not complete, so it throws the error. That part is not verifiable, which is the other aspect of security that a cert is supposed to offer.

I was surprised today when Firefox didn’t even have the option to get past it. I would use self-signed certs on internal-only sites. For publicly accessible sites I would go with Let’s Encrypt or some other issuer.

Thank you so much for the feedback… Sorry at first not to include a lot. It’s not letting me put many pictures. I’ve been in IT for a while and getting my foot wet with some Linux. Can you tell me how to reach the /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php there is no instructions anywhere and when I try to CD into the passbolt folder, I get a permission denied and I’m logged running as sudo.

I think you had said Ubuntu right? You can change to root with sudo /bin/bash

While root, you can go into the folder and see if it is there. It should be. For file editing, I use nano which I think may come installed. If not, sudo apt install nano.

To edit the file, nano passbolt.php and it’s basic editing - ctrl+x to write and close.

In the file you will see the settings tree - your URL can be changed in this file. App.FullBaseUrl will need to include ‘https://’ with something like domain.tld

If you need more help, feel free to post. I’m signing off for the day. Best of luck and welcome to the forum!

Thank you so much. I forgot you had to be logged in as root. see it’s the little things you forget LOL. Yes Nano is my favorite to use. And thank you I hope to post more as I go along!

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