How to change browser tab title and description

How do I change the meta name description?

Hi @i7phillip Welcome to the forum!

Does this look like what you are referring to? passbolt_styleguide/manager-head.html at v3.11.2 · passbolt/passbolt_styleguide · GitHub

If so, also check out the extension repo for custom build instructions which incorporate the styleguide.

I am wanting to change this:


:grinning: You are showing the browser tab title, correct?

Ok just had time to check my browser tab in FF - looks like what you showed, so sorry, misunderstood what you were wanting in the first place.

You can copy the passbolt.meta section from /etc/passbolt/default.php into your /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php file. There should already be a passbolt section in thepassbolt.php file.

That’s perfect! Thank you! Sorry for the confusion. I skipped over that section I don’t know how many times. :roll_eyes:

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