How to create a user manually in cli

Hey guys, maybe someone can help me

I have installed a new server with Cent OS SO and passbolt server, I am perform a test with passbolt to replace our current solution and we don´t have SMTP server configured in this environment.

My question is, How I create a new user without SMTP configured? I am trying to configure using in terminal on my server, but I couldn’t create.

I searched in the community but I couldn’t find.



you@passbolt:/var/www/passbolt$ ./bin/cake passbolt register_user --help

Register a new user.

cake passbolt register_user [options]


--first-name, -f        The user first name
--help, -h              Display this help.
--interactive, -i       Enable interactive mode
--interactive-loop      Enable interactive mode (default:3)
--last-name, -l         The user last name
--quiet, -q             Enable quiet output.
--role, -r              The User role, such as "admin" or "user"
--username, -u          The user email aka username
--verbose, -v           Enable verbose output.

Thanks @remy,

I have used this command.

su -s /bin/bash -c “/var/www/passbolt/bin/cake passbolt register_user -u email -f firstname -l lastname -r admin” nginx

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