Incorrect MFA status on user accounts [expected fix in extension 4.0.1]

Passbolt Community Edition (CE) v3.12.0

MFA enabled accounts display MFA “Disabled” in the admin console.


MFA enabled accounts display MFA “Disabled” in the admin console.

This should be fixed with v3.12.
Can you confirm that you are on v3.12 for both the browser extension and the API.
If you are using Firefox or Edge, the v3.12 is still in review.


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:x: Firefox (Passbolt extension v.3.11.1)
:ballot_box_with_check: Google Chrome (Passbolt extension v.3.12.0)

When will v.3.12.0 be pushed out to Firefox?

@sneaker-net we don’t know, it’s not up for us but the mozilla reviewers.

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FYI @sneaker-net the browser extension v3.12.0 has been published by Firefox today.

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I am having this issue: passbolt version 3.12.2, browser extension 4.0.0. All user accounts shown as having MFA disabled. A SQL db check shows that it definitely is enabled for most users!

Hello @joe!

Thanks for the feedback. I did a quick test and I can reproduce the issue. It’s a bug in the latest version.
I’ve created a ticket to fix the problem (ref: PB-24639). We planned to fix this for a next release of the browser extension (v4.0.1)


Thanks for the super-fast response Steph!