Installation site not accessible?

I have finally installed passbolt on my own server and it successfully created the first user.

It then gave me the link for the website, but it doesn’t work?

I think because the local Ubuntu 22.04 install is setup as ‘bitwarden.local’ on my network.

I tried to change the auto https://passbolt.local/setup/… To https://bitwarden.local/setup/… But it didn’t work either.

Is there a webserver I need to be setting up?

Passbolt installs NGINX but it might be a resolution issue.

Maybe set this in /etc/hosts: bitwarden.local

I must not have the rights

it apparently also won’t let me install letsencrypt on an IP address or the bitwarden.local

this it the bitwarden.local error

Correct, lets encrypt won’t automatically issue certs to just an IP or to a .local address.

They use domain validation to issue certs so you’d need a valid DNS record which you couldn’t have for just an IP or a .local

From your other post I see you followed the networkchuck guide which assumes a publicly available server and not just a local set up.

that is correct. I am trying to at this point, just BYPASS the HTTPS, since this will be behind a firewall anyways and I will hopefully be using the CloudFlare tunnels to access this externally. Right now I can’t even just get the “site” running to be able to access it. I am currently running, but it seems there is some error?

Regarding not having rights for the hosts file, any modification will need to be done by either the root user or by using sudo with a user who is in the sudo group.

sudo nano /etc/hosts

If you are not intending to follow the other guide to its intended end, have you considered following the official passbolt guide instead?

It will install by default to https://passbolt.local with a self-signed cert.