Installing Passbolt in Windows Server (IIS or apache)

Hey guys.

Has anyone managed to install Passbolt in Windows Server with IIS or apache?

I’ve been trying it for a week now following the Source-Code documentation, still no luck.
I wasn’t able to get or compile the GNUPG php extension for PHP. Found some already compiled php_gnupg.dll in a github repo that were added 5 years ago but my PHP (v.7.3.1) shows an error saying not a valid win32 application when loading it. I’ve also tried to compile it from PECL but still couldn’t manage to create a config.w32 file, it only contained the config.m4 (for unix).

Somehow I gave up, I’m trying to install it in a Windows Server based VPS. If anyone has any workaround I would be really grateful.

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