Is it possible to store Barcode in Passbolt?

@luckyLuke That’s a good question. At the moment, no - there is no “attach an image” feature. Vote here: As a user I can create resources with encrypted file attachement

Often there is an alphanumeric string that is also provided for a 3rd party’s MFA service, and that could be saved in the Description section.

However, it is important to also note that the Comments/Description section is not encrypted on the DB and is saved in plain text.

A workaround would be to provide a hyperlink to the image asset, versus displaying the image itself. Theoretically, if the image asset was accessible only via an internal network, those assets would be secured in their own way, and providing the hyperlink in plain text would possibly not be an insecure method, since external access to the image asset is not possible.

Whether that workaround is convenient or not, of course that’s a different matter.