Is it possible to use Passbolt without browser extension?

Dear comunity,

we want to use passbolt without the browser extension, just getting the password form any browser. We run passbolt self-hosted and in an docker. It’s to complicated for employees when they change the computer all the time. So they have to kick out the extension and reinstall.

Is there any mod to run passbolt without Browser-Extension?

@garrett sorry you missunderstood, API was not meant.

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Hello @hundh,

At the moment it is not possible to run passbolt without the extension. A browser extension is needed for two reasons: first, to provide functionalities such as auto filling your passwords when visiting known websites. More importantly it is needed to maintain a higher level of security. Unfortunately we have no plans of changing that behavior in the future, but we will provide native windows/apple/android clients as an alternative in the future.


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Hi @hundh, If you have employees that change computers all the time, I’ve got an out of the box idea for you… that I’m certain would address your problem.

I use portable browsers from Most people use these for the purpose I will describe although I use them to load into a RAMdrive at startup to run faster. I also like having separate instances for separate clients I work with remotely. And, in the case of passbolt, I use a Firefox development browser for myself and my own passbolt installation, but a different Chrome browser when I’m connecting remotely to client installation of passbolt.

You could install one of these browsers on a USB drive, and install the extension there. Employees then take the drive with them.

The one potential downside I can think of is that the Chrome browser may not update automatically. Firefox, however, does download the update file to the local PC and then updates the portable app, and then deletes the update file.

The other downside is USB security risks… Not sure what your environment allows or if the machines are on lockdown.

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