JWT Keypair missing after update

Hi after carrying out an update to Passbolt i noticed i needed to update my PHP version. After doing this i ran a health check and i’m receiving the following error. I’ve tried manually creating the key pair but still got the same error:

Hi @Mikel So you’re saying you had a previous version with the JWT keys and they went missing after an update? Which update/upgrade guide were you following and what was the old version? The HELP lines in the healthcheck show the recommended commands, but it’s not clear if you executed those before trying to create keys again. Did you run those?

If these commands don’t help, can you please share more about your system OS and version too, thanks.

Hi Garrett,

Yea i ran those commands which appear to complete fine but still having the issue of renewing them. I manually created the keys aswell which worked fine but its not being picked up.

We’re running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with the latest version of passbolt. I updated PHP7.2 to PHP8.0 as part of the upgrade.

@Mikel And what passbolt version were you working with before? If you can provide more background on the history of the install methods and upgrade steps that were taken, that will be helpful.

At first glance, your /var/www path suggests an older “install from source” method. If you have attempted to upgrade to package install, then it appears there are some steps missing.

A full healthcheck report would help too - obfuscate the sensitive details as needed.

Can you also post the results of :

ls -al /var/www/passbolt

@garrett we originally installed via script installer and followed the passbolt guide:
Passbolt Help | Update passbolt source install

I had to upgrade PHP7.2 to PHP8.0 as part of the upgrade as the newest version of Passbolt doesn’t support PHP7.2.

Sorry im new to Passbolt so anything that may help let me know.

@Mikel This is very helpful, thanks. We are glad to have you in the community! :slight_smile:

The link you provided is for updating minor versions. 2.12 → 2.13, for example. When jumping to version 3, we call that an “upgrade” and we are generally recommending to upgrade to a package-based install. The guide to upgrade to a package install is here. Unless you have a specific reason to not use the package, this is generally the best way to go. Latest passbolt is version 3.5.

If you’re open to that and want to start upgrading to the package, you can just post back if you get stuck on that. I think upgrading to package will resolve these problems for you.

PS: I should also note that after the package install the locations of the app’s files will be in a few different places, but no longer in the /var/www path. Make backups as usual.

Thanks @garrett really helpful, i’ll revert the VM and go through the upgrade process again and see what happens. Fingers crossed i dont run into the same issue!

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