Large delay in sharing passwords to another user


I’m facing large delay ( slow ) in sharing passwords to another user. I have around 3000 entries of passwords and which needs to be shared with my team mate and it takes long time to complete. Is there any way to increase the speed of the password sharing ?

Environment : Centos 7 , 48 core CPU, 6G RAM.
Passbolt version : 3.2.0

I tried to share 3000 password to my teammate and after 15 minutes, it reached only 1%. So it takes a long time for me to share the same. Please suggest the option to increase the speed in sharing the same.

Hi @suhesh

1% after 15 minutes seems slower than to be expected. A particular password may be causing trouble. You could approach sharing in smaller selections and test this theory.

Any error logs will be helpful.

Inorder to avoid issues with the real passwords, created 3000 dummy passwords ( with few changes in passwords only. All are identical in nature(namexx), password only generated using random generator.

Also facing some issue with loading the password in google chrome ( using the chrome plugin for passbolt )

@suhesh Are you using haveged? Seeing any errors at all? The extension could show errors as well, if you inspect the extension. Slow on copying passwords from folder with ~ 3000 records - #2 by remy