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Hi all…

I have a question…

We are using in my company the LDAP connector PRO version of passbolt, but I have a problem, and it is that I try to launch the sync against AD through web environment, “chrome and Firefox” receiving the same error always “check request error”, now if I use the same LDAP configuration using the ldap.php script it works, but the main doubt I have.
Using centos 7, I launch this command:

su -c “/var/www/passbolt/bin/cake directory_sync all --dry-run” -s /bin/bash nginx > This does a sync simulation

su -c “/var/www/passbolt/bin/cake directory_sync all” -s /bin/bash nginx > This is a real sync.

But, I really only want you to sync, not delete users, or add them when you find the AD group.

Is there any parameter for you to only sync, without deleting/creating users etc? Only Sync Users at group?


Hi @Witty you can contact support@passbolt.com for passbolt pro edition support. Cheers,

Ok, many thanks
I am going to write to you to help me with this issue.

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