Lost Admin Key, Recovery Steps?

[x] I provide relevant information about my server (component names and versions, etc.)
Passbolt 2.4.6 running on a CentOS 7.6 install, Nginx, etc.

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As many others have had happen. I deleted the extension from my browser and apparently don’t have a backup of my key. I had one, but when put in the restore account field, it said “This key doesn’t match any account.” So I’m assuming it’s an older key.

So from all the other reading, there is currently no method to restore the key, even though I have root access on my server, etc?

What are my options then? I think I made my manager a second admin, in which case I may be able to get him to invite me, etc.

If he isn’t an admin then how would I ever go about creating a new admin account when no one is an admin? Would I have to dump the DB and keys and try to restore everything from scratch?

Hello @aaronc,

If you have a ssh access to the server you can create a new admin user with the following command (to execute as www-data).
./bin/cake passbolt register_user -f ADMIN_FIRST_NAME -l ADMIN_LAST_NAME -u NEW_ADMIN_EMAIL@ORG.NET -r admin

The command will output a link. Follow this link with your browser to complete the registration of the new account.

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