Master password expiration

Q1. What is the problem you are trying to solve?
Set a master password expiration date for all my users

Q2 – Who is affected?
All my users (~200)

Q3 - Why is this important and/or urgent?
Increasing our ISO 270001 security strategy

Good morning,

Does this feature exist on the pro version? I can’t find an answer by looking at the documentation.


Currently it is not possible to ask for a rotation of the master password.
I’m curious to hear what risk do you think this is reducing. Unlike other password managers, or regular applications, the mater password is used to encrypt the private key locally. It never leaves the device. An attacker that would have access to the master password would still need access to the key. For an attacker that have access to the private key, it wouldn’t matter if you rotate it, since it wouldn’t rotate for the attacker.


Very good remark.

I will use your explanation to present it to my superior.