New Release: v4.1.1 ~ Insane in the Brain

Release date: July 13th 2023.

v4.1.1 ~ Insane in the Brain

:musical_note: Insane in the Brain :musical_note:

:heart: Thank you to all the Passbolt Developers for keeping our passwords safe :partying_face: :tada::heart: :

Version 4.1.1 is a fix release solving two false-fails on the healthcheck. These were reported by our community members on the forum here and here.

Thank you @TheReptile and @tlamik for posting these issues on the Passbolt Community Forum!


:hammer_and_wrench: :toolbox: PB-25304 As an administrator the application healthcheck should compare passbolt version with the latest stable release

:hammer_and_wrench: :toolbox: PB-25325 As an administrator running the database healthcheck I should not see a false fail on the default database content

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May I ask, when the CE of this release will be available on Docker Hub?

Best, Daniel

Thanks for the heads up, it will be published shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.