Open Mic Recap - Community Call - June 1st, 2023

Last week was the first ever community call for passbolt. The founders and developers behind passbolt held an hour-long open mic filled with updates and demos. The team showed off three new features that will be coming to passbolt in the near future. Antony showed off the much anticipated coloured password features. Max presented the time based one-time password functionality. Here’s a quick summary of the demos:

Colourful Passwords

@antony introduced a much-requested feature to help make passwords easier to see. The Colourful Password feature assigns different colours to certain types of characters. This makes it easier to distinguish different characters and numbers from regular characters.

Time-Based One Time Passwords

Mobile apps will soon have time-based one-time passwords, and @max gave a detailed demo of what to expect with TOTP. This will add an extra layer of security to your account. Users will be able to generate and use TOTP directly from your app. Right now it’s undergoing alpha testing.

Password Policies

During the Open Mic, passbolt developer @Steph also presented the upcoming Password Policies feature. This new feature allows organisations to define and enforce specific requirements for users, ensuring compliance and improving overall security. Administrators will be able to set policies including password length, complexity and expiration from their dashboard.

FIDO Alliance

The founders also gave an update on passbolt joining the FIDO Alliance and the future with that. This update included information about the addition of passkeys into passbolt and expectations surrounding that. Stay tuned for more updates about FIDO and passkeys with passbolt.


We enjoyed giving insight into Passbolt’s latest developments. What do you think about these upcoming features? And what would you like to see in future community calls? Let us know!


Unfortunately, I missed the open mic. Hopefully, there will be more soon :smile:

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You can join the next one @Termindiego25

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Yeah! I saw, but I will just stay until 18:00 because I have to work.
I will try it!