Passbolt autofill keeps spinning


I have been having some issues with the autofill-feature with the Firefox extension.

About half of the time the extension keeps spinning after I click on “use on this page”. When that message appears I have to manually find the password through all the groups and folders, then copy the email, find the password through all the groups and folders again and then copy the password.

The issue appears over multiple websites at random. Sometimes the autofill feature works for one website and then suddenly stops working. This issue exists on multiple computers and websites.

How can this be fixed? I really don’t want to manually do this every single time I want to autofill a password.

Hi @ScopeTwo

Please look through some of these and see if it matches what you are experiencing. If you need help checking anything in your particular situation, just post back.

Seems mostly related to this topic

This happens for around 20-30% of all password autofills that I do. Sometimes it works by simply refreshing the page 5-6 times or even closing the tab and opening it up again.

My specs
Intel Core i9
Windows 10 64 bit
1GBPS Network, no VPN

Firefox 89.0.2 (64-bit)


Can you give some example (if possible) about the page that make passbolt spin.
It will help to find a pattern and enhance the product


It’s not one specific website, it’s all of them. It can’t be the websites themselves that is the issue.

Sometimes it’s logins to facebook, other times it’s logins to databases, network equipment etc etc.

From the recent autofills issues the solution is to close the tab and open it again with the same URL.

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