Passbolt Mobile Apps Support

Hi all,

As per topic, is there any mobile apps for Passbolt?

I saw there’s an apps named “Passbolt Credential Manager” in Apps Store, I wonder is that the apps for Passbolt use?

Can someone please advise me?

Thank you first!

Hi @cheching :wave: and welcome in Passbolt community forum :handshake:

I guess you are talking about the Android app. Be warned than the “Passbolt Credential Manager” Android app from play store is in no way affiliated to Passbolt and we don’t recommend to use it.

The real Passbolt Android application has been pushed yesterday for review and will be part of the official Android Play store very soon.

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Hi @cheching

I reply to this topic to inform you the Passbolt Android app has been published, you can download it here:

Not available on Huawei Y7 2019 :frowning:

Can’t sideload either after downloading the apk,

Device: Huawei Y7 2019
Android Version: 8.1.0 (API level 27)
Screen: 1520x720 269ppi
Kernel: 4.9.82 jenkins
Proc: 8 Core A53
Ram: 3gb
Security: Fingerprint sensor

Hi @dim

As Passbolt handle sensitive informations such as passwords, we care about security. That’s why it is not possible to use the Passbolt Android app on a device who is not able to receive security updates.

You need at least Android 10 on your device to be able to install Passbolt.

I first tried to install on my old OnePlus One powered by Android 7 without success. After flashing to a most recent version, it worked.


Android 10? Oh boy.

Welp, after a year of running self hosted server waiting for passbolt mobile looks like I have to rethink then. :S

Understand, kinda, bit frustrating though

Hi There,

I’ve successfully installed Passbolt - Password Manager

But I’ve encountered a problem that I couldn’t find the Mobile section after I logon my browser extension as per following the transfer account details once I start the Passbolt on Android.

Second, Is the IOS Apps Store got Passbolt mobile apps as well?

In this post it says you need to enable the plugins and be on 3.3, maybe you missed it? I skipped ahead and realized the same issue.

Anyone having issues signing in after scanning the QR Code? lol


Yes, you have to follow instructions on the blog post, as also explained is this other forum topic.

The mobile and JWT plugins needed to use the app are not enabled by default, we are waiting the audit report (currently in progress) to do it. For safety reasons.