Passbolt not installing on Ubuntu 22.04

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I configured passbolt after the second step to use letsencrypt certificate by mistake, now I can’t install it using the self signed SSL certificate. I need to make the installation of passbolt to not use letsencrypt and choose other option, but I can’t because it’s not installing without the certificate. Providing a screenshot below.

To recreate this issue, try to install passbolt with letsencrypt on a non existent domain.
VM on hp proliant dl380 g6

If any additional information is required please let me know

Hello @DanDan :slight_smile:

I have been able to reproduce this issue and found a solution.

You’ll need to purge the current passbolt-ce-server package with:

sudo dpkg --purge passbolt-ce-server

Then, it’s always a good habit to clean up and update the package lists:

sudo apt clean
sudo apt update

After that, you should be able to reinstall passbolt-ce-server with:

sudo apt install passbolt-ce-server
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Thanks. That helped!

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