PassboltController missing

Hi @all,

everything worked fine during the installation process, but when I try to enter the frontend I get the following message:

Missing Controller
Error: PassboltController could not be found.

Error: Create the class PassboltController below in file: app/Controller/PassboltController.php

And indeed, there’s no PassboltController inside app/Controller/.

Can anyone please help me regarding this issue?

Following the report of the systems healtcheck:

Healthcheck shell


[PASS] PHP version
[PASS] PCRE compiled with unicode support
[PASS] The temporary directory and its content are writable
[PASS] The public image directory and its content are writable

Config files

[PASS] The core config file is present
[PASS] The database config file is present
[PASS] The email config file is present
[PASS] The application config file is present

Core config

[FAIL] Debug mode is on.
[HELP] Set Configure::write(‘debug’, 0); in app/Config/core.php
[PASS] Cache is working.
[PASS] Unique value set for security.salt
[PASS] Unique value set for security.cipherSeed
[PASS] Full base url is set to
[PASS] App.fullBaseUrl validation OK.
[PASS] /healthcheck/status is reachable.

SSL Certificate

[PASS] SSL peer certificate validates
[PASS] Hostname is matching in SSL certificate.
[PASS] Not using a self-signed certificate


[PASS] Configured to use a supported database backend
[PASS] The application is able to connect to the database
[PASS] Not using a prefix for database tables
[PASS] 20 tables found
[PASS] Some default content is present
[PASS] The database schema up to date.

GPG Configuration

[PASS] PHP GPG Module is installed and loaded
[PASS] The server gpg key is not the default one
[PASS] The environment variable GNUPGHOME is set to /home/vagrant/.gnupg
[PASS] The directory /home/vagrant/.gnupg containing the keyring is writable by the user the webserver is running as.
[PASS] The public key file is defined in app/config.php and readable.
[PASS] The private key file is defined in app/config.php and readable.
[PASS] The server key fingerprint matches the one defined in app/config.php.
[PASS] The server key defined in the app/Config.php is in the keyring.
[PASS] There is a valid email id defined for the server key.
[PASS] The public key can be used to encrypt and sign a message.
[PASS] The private key can be used to decrypt a message.

Application configuration

[FAIL] This installation is not up to date. Currently using 1.6.9 and it should be v2.0.0-rc1.
[HELP] See.
[FAIL] Passbot is not configured to force SSL use
[HELP] Set App.ssl.force to true in app/Config/app.php
[FAIL] App.fullBaseUrl is not set to HTTPS
[HELP] Check App.fullBaseUrl url scheme in app/Config/core.php
[PASS] Selenium API endpoints are disabled.
[PASS] Search engine robots are told not to index content.
[PASS] Registration is closed, only administrators can add users.
[PASS] Serving the compiled version of the javascript app
[PASS] All email notifications will be sent.

Development Tools (optional)

[PASS] Phpunit is installed
[PASS] Phpunit version is 3.7.38

4 error(s) found. Hang in there!

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