[PB-28063] Safari plugins support

@mkerz-dcc there have been no progress on this at the moment. Our focus is currently finishing the migration to React as well as the items outlined in the roadmap, e.g. additional resource types (secure notes, etc.), admin reports, escrow.

We’ll tackle the Safari extension this year. Unfortunately it is not as easy as it seems: supporting another browser requires us to commit additional resources to maintain, test each releases, provide support, etc… We need to make sure all functionalities are working as expected, do adjustments were needed (e.g. jump through any hoops apple may throw at us) and integrate the browser in our test matrix (selenium) before we can officially support it.

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this year sounds good to me. :wink:

Hi @remy ,
Any news on the Safari side of things? Can we cross our fingers for a festivus present this year? Thanks for a short update.


@okami Unfortunately not this year. Currently we’re working on a the next release, expected mid-december, at the moment that will include encrypted description (and support for other content types in the future), a redesign of the setup/login, complete rewrite to the front end to react (to allow us ship faster), PHP7.4 support, and substantial performance improvements. We also started working on mobile apps which should be ready by the end of Q1.

Thank you @remy for your swift reply. I’m looking forward to your next release. Have I mentioned lately that you’re doing great work?! You do. Keep on rocking!

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@mkerz-dcc thanks :slight_smile:

I’m just curious if the distribution of Safari extension is in the roadmap or not? If yes, when would it tentatively be released?

Hi @rajkumaar23 welcome to the forum!

Safari extension gets mentioned internally on the team kind of like it does here. Choices have been made to focus on a major rewrite of the browser extension (done), the mobile app, a new version with requested features like easier recovery (done). Will a Safari extension happen someday? Probably, yes but it’s not a current focus.

Community members who take it upon themselves to investigate and test the viability of ideas and then report back findings - this is very helpful and appreciated. For example, if there was a method to easily take the current extension code base and work it into a Safari solution and someone took the time to test it and brought this to our attention, that would be great.

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Hi @garrett ,

according to Apple, Safari 14 supports Chrome Web Extensions. Has anyone tried the CLI-converter that Apple has provided with XCode?


It seems straightforward, why not give it a shot?

Or do you perhaps have no Mac user in your development team and thus no access to XCode to try it out.

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Hello @mkerz-dcc,

We have tested the tool internally, the results are promising but there are few issues to address.

Moreover, the browser extension manipulate sensitive data, therefor we need to investigate the conversion mechanism and assess the risk before moving forward.

How are things with the Passbolt extension for Safari now? macOS Monterey is currently undergoing beta testing and an extension may be being developed.

Now that Safari supports (afaik) the same web extensions on iOS as on the Mac, does that have any influence on your development process or prioritization?

Thanks for a short reply!

hi @mkerz-dcc, this is something we want to do indeed, but our efforts are currently focused elsewhere (the 3.3. release, mobile app, and account recovery). We’ll look into it as soon as we have more resources.

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Hello all,

Please note that we published the extension on the Edge webstore: Microsoft Edge Addons

I’m a new passbolt user and have several users that are struggling due to the lack of support for Safari. So just hoping that this gets supported soon.

Hi @AndrewDawson

The Safari browser extension is on our backlog, but we don’t have any ETA for now. :confused:


Hi @AnatomicJC,

Do you have any update on the progress of Safari plugin support? Are you still on it? I was very happy to see it mentioned in the release notes for 3.4.0. Thank you for a short update.


Hi @mkerz-dcc,

Yes, we are still on it, even if it is not our main topic at the moment. Basically, the technology / language for safari extensions is different than what we use for the other ones. So there is no easy way to do it.
We plan to test the chromium to safari converter provided by apple.

We will keep you posted as soon as we have news.


Safari 15.4 ist out with some nice improvements for WebExtensions. Does this help?

I’d rather have an extension that works with the latest Safari then none at all.

Safari support would make this tool much more usable in company’s that also have MAC users (they just love their Safari). Would be much appriciated if you can find time to work on this.

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