Browser "forgets" Passbolt account

Since approx. 2 weeks, our browser (Edge) regularly “forgets” the Passbolt account. That means you have to do an account recovery to use Passbolt again. The issue happens across all users in our company. We are using the cloud hosted version of Passbolt. Does anybody observe a similar behaviour?

Hi @rbranger,

Thanks for sharing this issue with us. Would you be able to reproduce this issue and send us a log report on ?

To generate a debug log on Edge:

Go to edge://extensions/?id=ljeppgjhohmhpbdhjjjbiflabdgfkhpo, enable “Developer mode” and click on index.html:

A new window will be opened, try to reproduce the issue, then on this new window, go to the Network tab and click the down arrow to download report (HAR file):

Thank you for your help, it will give us a clearer picture on your problem.

Best regards,

We are experiencing this too since this week. But we are using self-hosted version on Edge. Maybe the problem is with the extension in combination with the Edge browser.

In the meanwhile I got the following hint from your system admin: So far, the extension was installed from the Chrome Store. Now the extension is also available through the Microsoft Store. He mentioned that he observed the problem only with the version from the Chrome store, but not the one from the Microsoft store (though both extensions have the same version). I’ll replace the extension now and will observe if we see the account recovery coming up again or not.

Thanks for sharing this info. I did also replace my extension and will now wait whether the issue appears again in the next days.
Although, if this is the fix, it will mean every user has to go through the recovery process manually, while we replace the extension. I wonder wether there is a way to automatize this.

Unfortunately for us using the Microsoft Store plugin did not resolve the problem. So I guess we are back to square one.