Passbolt extension is not communicating with server unless clearing browsing data

Hi all,

I need community help. Everything goes smooth and fine with my passbolt installation but suddenly in one of the users the extension is not communicating with server (as it cannot find a site) , from Chrome and Edge. By deleting browser history everything is back. It happened twice till now.
Do you have any idea why??

Thanks in advance

Hi @tkanel,

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What the users see? This screen? Or you are talking about autofill webforms?

Can you share a bit more information about the server that is running passbolt?


No he receives a message, that the site cannot be reached.
If he clears browser data , everything is back to normal!!

Looks like a network issue

Can they try to go to chrome://net-internals/#dns and Clear host cache

All the chromium base browsers are pretty hardcore in terms of DNS cache

Thanks very much , I’ll try

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Max hi,

the problem is that this issue happens very often. Need to clear DNS cache and restart the PC at least twice a week.
Is there something we can do?


Do you have a proxy or some specific network rules?