[SOLVED] Extension won't open popup : "Connecting your account"

Hi there,

Since a couple of days, I just can’t access my passwords as the extension won’t open the popup. Instead a get a spinning wheel and the “Connecting your account” message. Nothing happens. I cab’t see any obvious issues in the logs.

I saw this old thread that seems related but no answer there :

Any help on how to get my hands back on Passbolt would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Loic,

Can you go into the log of the browser extension
On chrome: go to chrome://extensions/, tick the developer mode in the top right, looks for passbolt card, click details and search for the index.html link in the inspect view
On FF: go to about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox and click inspect inside the passbolt card
You should see some information in the console tab.
Does your instance stop working after a specific action or update from the browser?


Hi There,

Thanks for the care. I removed and reinstalled extension. It didn’t help BUT lead me to think the issue is internal, my machine not reaching our password server.

We tweaked our VPN recently so it could be related. More investigations needed on our side for now.



So it was definitively an issue on our side. Connection is back to normal now.

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