Connecting your account - Chrome


New to Passbolt here. I installed the extension in Chrome and I can’t connect/login to my account.

When I click the extension it just says “Connecting your account” and the spinner just keeps going. Never brings me to the login form.

Any tips?

Chrome Version 91.0.4472.77
Windows 10
Passbolt Cloud

@ScopeTwo that’s strange, typically this the behavior you would see if the site associated with passbolt is down, or if you are offline. What happens when you click on the passbolt logo in the widget?

Switched computers, the same issue appears here as well. I checked 4-5 sites and the widget says the same on all pages regardless of where you are on the domain.

The message appears after clicking on the widget in Chrome. When you click the logo for Passbolt it displays the page for the extension and there it also just says “Connecting your account”.

That is strange, what is the url of your passbolt domain? You mention it is in passbolt cloud (as in, if so you can get in touch with .


We have identified an issue with the latest extension version, when the extension is not configured for any account/domain, it will not open the start page. Can you confirm that this is your problem, e.g. “When you click the logo for Passbolt it displays the page for the extension” you actually see ?

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