Chrome and firefox plugin not working

I use passbolt in my Macbook and working well, recently I need using windows
but after installed the extension whenever I click the extension it’s just direct me to passbolt homepage
my OS is windows 11 and using chrome
have tried on fresh install latest Firefox but still not working

Hello @sch0322,

Passbolt requires a server to work, and the extension doesn’t know where your data is located by default. It could be hosted by your organization or in the cloud.

In order to setup passbolt on another machine, you need to know the URL of where your passbolt data are located, typically for example if you use the cloud it would be, where workspace is the name of the organization that was selected when you or an admin created the account.

Step 1. In order to recover you will need to go to your domain URL and add /recover at the end of the url, for example .
Step 2. Complete the form by providing your email address.
Step 3. Follow the link in your mailbox.
Step 4. Follow the recovery steps, which is much like the initial setup. You will need to import your private key.
Step 5. Enter your passphrase to login!

This procedure can only be completed if you are in possession of an active user account, a copy of the private key associated with that account and the passphrase to decrypt the private key. You can download the private key from your other Macbook machine .

Hope this helps, let us know if it is unclear.

Hi thanks for your reply, it’s working now
I think I just need to login
thank you so much

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