Switching from Chrome to Firefox

I’d like to switch from using Chrome to Firefox. How do I regenerate the link for the passbolt account with the server key?

This is for my main account and so I don’t want to delete and add it back. I do have the public and private keys through my Chrome access.

You can use the recover option which will allow you to reinstate your account on a browser plugin. To access it, follow the url https://your_passbolt_url/recover, enter your email and follow the instructions.
Hope that helps!

OK. I tried that. I am getting an error that says passbolt was unable to send the email. I have my email settings loaded in the email.php file. Where can I look to see why it wouldn’t send?

Unfortunately there is not more information that what is returned by the command line to check emails (what’s returned by the command line is what the SMTP server is responding). Check the logs of your SMTP server if any. It could be that the credentials are invalid, or that some settings are missing (TLS, or google app passwords for example).

Ps. please open another thread if you have multiple errors. I believe @kevin answer respond to your original question.