Chrome extension error "tab.url.startsWith"

Good evening,

I’m having an issue with chrome plugin.

It was working just fine. After upgrading both server and plugin to 3.5. I was forced to switch to Firefox.

This is the error:


Hi @ChemaFv Welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing this is happening.

Some questions:

Did it happen all the time or intermittently?
What version of Chrome are you using?
What was the structure of the url when this error was happening?

Hi Garret,
You’re welcome. Thank you so much !

Structure of the url: https://mypassbolt.mydom.tld:/setup/recover//
Version 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It happens constantly.
1º I’ve debugged the chrome extension (from store) and It fail at the same point.
2º I’ve removed it
3º Installed git version and get same error.

I’ve tried to clean cached data for the site but result was the same.


@ChemaFv I also have 3.5.0/3.5.0 installed. I updated to the version of Chrome you mentioned and am not able to replicate the issue. I am not sure what would cause this and haven’t seen this error before.

Do you have other extensions installed? If so, you could try disabling them to see if it helps.

Someone else on the team may have more insight.

Hi Garret,

I’m completely surprised. Yesterday I closed the browser several times during testing.
I’ve just tested and it’s working fine: Recovery, It asks for PGP key, passphrase → works perfect.

The thing is that I don’t know what was the reason for this behavior and obviously, if that happens again
the apparent solution is to reboot ? Well, this would be a solution… but it’s quite far from being a good one :smile: There’s something else I was not considering.

So, just to learn a bit of it and keep this in mind for when it happens again:
I dont know if Chrome or the extensions (this one or others) use any files on /tmp or other volatile filesystems. Would they be involved?

I have no other ideas about where to look next time. Do you think anything else?

Anyway, thank you so much for your fast attention.

Have a nice day,

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@ChemaFv This particular error would suggest that there is no tab open. The underlying code is a Chrome-based promise so my first thought was maybe the code was not waiting for the tab array to be returned but it seems OK to me.

However, rebooting a computer is known to resolve Chrome browser issues in general so I think since you’re reporting it’s OK now we can conclude it might somehow be a bug in Chrome.

Hi Garret,

Sure! Anyway it keeps working so problem solved.

I really can’t help much with browser architecture. Obviously this could be involved too and makes much sense. I use to have quite a lot of tabs open, grouped but there are quite a lot of them.

I noticed I’ve not asked about extensions. I have theese installed:

Just in case it would give anyone some insight if this issue arises again.

Have a good weekend,

Hi Garrett,

Just FYI: the problem comes from Deluminate extension.
The problem arised again, so I started disabling extensions.

Once disabled Passbolt loads perfectly. Disabling locally for passbolt and not globally also works.


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