Passbolt not loading (Chrome Extension & direct link)

I was using passbolt (the chrome extension) and also the link that is directed to our profile.

But since today, the link is not loading and same for the chrome extension.

Anyone can help?!

Hello @topher004,

Can you explain a bit more precisely what you are doing, what is happening versus what you expect to happen.

It’s hard to understand which link you are talking about, is it an email link, or the button in top right corner of your browser? Ideally if you could post a screenshot that would help us understand your issue. Maybe your server is unavailable and you should contact your admnistrator, maybe it’s an issue with the extension, hard to tell.

Hello, thanks for your response Remy.

It seems like I can’t put a screenshot as I am a new user.

As for the chrome extension I mean the button in top right of my browser. It keeps loading and saying “connecting to your account” but nothing.

Regarding the link, I mean the link which is “” which is linked to the passbolt profile.

I have this extension on two devices and tested on both and it does not work.

@topher004 what do you see when you manually navigate to that url? If it is not loading at all, then you should contact your passbolt instance administrator.

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