Postgresql support



Does Passbolt support Postgresql as a database?
I noticed in the github code a few occurrences of Postgresql

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Hello @marcel,

Not yet, but we’d like to.
The charset we use for mysql is not compatible with postgresql.

You can see here (:arrow_down:) we use the charset utf8mb4. But postgresql would require utf8 which is already in 4 bytes encoding.

There are few changes to make it compatible with postgresql.
We already setup the travis to test it, this means that if you send us a pull request :slight_smile: it will be tested on postgresql (and it will be very much appreciated).

Thank you for your interest in passbolt.



Hi @cedric,

I want to use passbolt in our company, however we default to postgres. As I want to avoid maintaining two replicated and backed up databases, I would like to implement the postgres compatibility of passbolt. Could you advise me what has to be done? Is the encoding point the only one?

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Hello @adrianschneider,

This improvement will be very much welcomed!

The last time we checked the postgres compatibility, the encoding was the first blocker.

All our SQL requests are handled by the CakePHP ORM so we should not have too many issues on that side.

The database is handled by phinx through multiple migration scripts that you will find in the folder config/Migrations.

You can start by tackling the encoding issue, and then if you encounter any other issue, let us now. We’ll be please to help you.

Good luck,