Server Key Verification after TimeZone Correction

We recently noticed that we couldn’t create any new users as we kept getting an authentication issue. We realised that the timezone was wrong and it was changed to the correct timezone which made the time match the client time.

Although after the timezone change we are now receiving “Could not verify the server key. Server internal error.”

In the error log we’re also receiving:

[Cake\Http\Exception\InternalErrorException] The OpenPGP server key defined in the config cannot be used to decrypt. Could not import the key. (/var/www/passbolt/src/Auth/GpgAuthenticate.php:284)
Request URL: /auth/verify.json?api-version=v2

Any help would be great!

Hi @Mikel

You’ll want to run the healthcheck on the server and look for notes regarding failures and steps to remediate. If you need further help please provide your install version/method and healthcheck results thanks.