Setting Up Passbolt App with Password Invalid Error (passphrase in app must match passphrase of browser used for QR codes)

Hi All,

This is a weird one, I am setting up an old ios device (as new) and trying to add passbolt to it so i can access emails etc.

I did the scanning of the qr code and it passes but when I try to add the passphrase it says invalid passphrase. I would be panicking but I realised that I did change the passphrase a while ago (last month).

So the question is how do I get access to the passbolt using my app if I forgot the old passphrase :smiley:

Is there a way to update passbolt with the new passphrase so this does not happen again, I probably will change the passphrase in 2 months again.

Sadly it says contact the administrator, this admin has occurred this error for the first time lol.


Oh oh.

We are hoping these three things:

  1. that there is no way, because that means it is secure
  2. that you have a logged in instance somewhere with access to get to your passwords, or that you shared your passwords with another user or user account you have access to
  3. … or I am misunderstanding the situation

The passphrase is to the private key, so it and the key must be backed up and stored somewhere safe after account creation. Related to this scenario, the Pro version now has an Account Recovery process that can be established on an organization level beforehand.

I still have access to my passbolt on all devices I have already signed in with.

I think you misunderstood or i might have not been clear.

I have access to passbolt itself on my personal device and browsers. I am setting up a new ios device due to needing a new number, the issue is i’m trying to setup passbolt on the device so that i can access my email using the newly setup device. I have scanned the qr code and it succeeded although the issue is the new passphrase is not working because originally I had a different passphrase. That’s the one I forgot.

If you need clarification, let me know.


There is no way to reset a user’s passphrase as an admin, but once logged in as that user using the passphrase, it can be reset from the Profile page.


Yup you misunderstanding me, this is my account and it is the admin account.

This is my personal passbolt. I am the only user. I used the option “Passphrase” to change my passphrase last month.

I am now trying to setup my admin account on my ios device and it is not working due to “passphrase invalid”

In the passphrase section it shows:
“The passphrase is stored on your device and never sent server side. Changing your passphrase will only change it locally. If you have multiple browsers configured, the passphrase will need to be changed in all places individually.”

How do i update my admin account passphrase globally so that i can access it on my ios device.

So It turns out, that it all depends on the browser, i’m a fool as the browser i am using has a different passphrase. Syncing with that passphrase works.

Future Me: If you cannot login with a passphrase, check which browser you are using and if you changed the passphrase.

Apologies for the inconvenience and confusion @garrett . I use 3 different browsers and this one is on me. :cold_sweat:

Your assistance is still appreciated :slight_smile:


Living on the edge! :smiley:

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lol, of course. :joy:

This did make me run a few backups though. Just in case the edge gets a bit scary :see_no_evil: