IOS app several issues

Hi guys,
I am giving a Passbolt a lot of tries, but it looks like the more i use it the more issues i have.
1-the scan qrcode is not working, i use bitwarden, vaultwarden, 1pass and they all able to scan and register the QR code, Passbolt can’t and it display invalid. So maybe i missing something here.
on the ios app debug logs i get this errors

( PassphraseInvalid
•PassphraseInvalid PassboltSession/SessionAuthorization.swift:121
[2023-10-28 19:13:03] ![⚠️]( PassphraseInvalid
•PassphraseInvalid PassboltSession/SessionAuthorization.swift:121
[2023-10-29 01:24:21] [7162FC01-9756-4AF1-A0D9-11668C91C90B] HTTPRedirect
•HTTPRedirect OSFeatures/NetworkRequestExecutor.swift:433
[2023-10-29 01:24:21] ![⚠️]( HTTPRedirect
( InvalidOTPConfiguration
•Invalid OTP configuration - invalid scheme PassboltApp/OTPConfigurationScanningViewController.swift:172
[2023-10-29 01:25:10] ![⚠️]( InvalidOTPConfiguration

2- In some passwords items, I am not able to add a TOTP as it doesn’t show the option (not visible).

Also, I add the TOTP manually and then try to link it to a password, I can’t as it seems to be grayout as it might be because the app thinks this record belongs to a different user as the icon shows or because i am using a different email?

3- when adding my account to passbolt app , on the ios app is says successfully, however in the browser there is this error.

4- this error comes up while tryng to use the password, even though i am being though i am logged in.

Thanks in advanced.

Hello @shootify. First of all, remember that TOTP is a feature already in development and could be some failures or behaviours that are not already released. So you can try it and help to solve them by providing logs, healthcheck and all the information required by the template to be able to know what is happening in your scenario.

It will be useful to know what version of Android/iOS are you using, versions of the Passbolt app, server and extension, what web browser you use and version, and what web and database server are you using and versions…

This with the mobile app logs, server logs and healthcheck could help Passbolt developers or other community members to try to identify where is the problem and provide a solution.

For the moment, I don’t know what is happening with your QR code transfer, but I’m pretty sure that if the browser shows an error could be related to the last problem where you can’t use a password.
Also, the second behaviour you show is something normal. As those resources were created from the web browser when TOTP are not fully integrated, they are a different resource type than those created from the app or standalone TOTP so you can’t add a TOTP to those passwords. Maybe in the next releases, they provide a way to solve this or you should create new ones from the app for example to be able to link a TOTP resource,

Please, keep trying and helping developers improve Passbolt and don’t remember to ask for help whenever you need providing the template requirements