Should we drop support for PHP 5.x with passbolt release version 2?

The next version of passbolt will be built using cakephp 3 that support php 5.6 by default. Support for 5.6 will end with Cakephp4. The end of life for php 5.x is near.



This proposal is to drop support for php 5.6 to reduce the workload on the integration testing front, since apart from Centos most distros support 7.0 or 7.1 as default.

  • Keep supporting PHP v5 until end of life
  • Drop support for PHP v5 and only support v7.x with passbolt release v2

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Personally I try to find and update all my dockers/applications to 7.1 as that is the one being actively developed and is more likely to have bugs found.

That said I guess it depends on the number of users that cannot update for legacy reasons, which based on passbolt being relatively early in its development cycle, should be a minimal number of users.

As well as those 5.x users could use the docker to split passbolt off and use php 7.x relatively easily.

I’m ok with dropping PHP 5.x. Reduce workload and PHP 7.0 is much faster than 5.x. The often used Ubuntu 16.04 LTS also has PHP 7.0 out of the box.

@mannp v7.1 is also again slightly faster than v7.0, but obviously can’t drop support for 7.0.

Well, wait, if v7.0 is only getting security fixes, the workload is too high to support it and the upcoming widely used Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is shipping with v7.1 (or even 7.2) you may even drop support for v7.0.

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