[SOLVED] Passbolt Android application currently not available on playstore

Passbolt application has been removed from google play store, we’re trying to work out how to get it back, apologies for the inconvenience.

Incident report Passbolt Help | Android App unlisted from the Google Play Store


Google sometimes changes their requirements, such as the target version or API level, which causes these situations.
Usually, they send an email about that and do not take too long to solve it.
Here are the next requirements update, just in case you have some time to review it and solve it before uploading it again:

We don’t think that’s the issue as we’re already targeting 33 API level.
Our issue seems to be related to some other policies.

Is there a time line of when it might be back on?

We’re hoping for tomorrow, but this is completely out of our hands, as we wait for Google.

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What are current thoughts regarding (also) making it available on Fdroid?

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Yes! It has been discussed. We will provide this option also in the upcoming weeks to mitigate these situations.


Thanks @diego this is good news! I really appreciate the great work coming from the team.

The application is back on the store. Thank you for your patience.