Ubuntu 24.04 Support

Hey Guys!

This month, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is finally coming out. Does anyone know when it will be possible to install Passbolt directly on it? Because at the moment, it is only supported on 22.04 and not yet on Ubuntu 23.10 or newer.


We aim to fully support LTS releases but you should be able to install passbolt in ubuntu 23.10 with no problems.

For sure we’ll support 24.04!


Thats awesome news!

Ahh sorry, i totally forgot, I upgraded the server to Ubuntu Noble Numbat 24.04…

I just wanted to create a new clean server for only passbolt, which runs rear 2.7 for our backup software, but ubuntu 22.04 just supports rear 2.6…

Do you have any ideas when the OS is supported?

Once the final release is made(currently scheduled for 25 April 2024) we’ll test it out before changing our installer script to officially support it. We don’t have a strict date to give since the results of testing will determine when it is supported.

If you want to test it out yourself you can just modify the bash script from the installer( passbolt-repo-setup.ce.sh) by adding it to the list in lines 52 though 72. Just remember that if you run into issues with it right now it isn’t supported and you’ll likely be one of the only people running it so might not get much help

Thanks for the quick answer!

Okay thanks very much! So if I install it now using the steps you wrote down and then in a month 24.04 lts will definitely be supported, I’m more likely to get help, right?

Hey, I tried it, but i get this error:

So the reason help might be sparse on it right now is you’ll likely be the only one(or one of very few) running on 24.04 until it is officially released.

As for the error I forgot the other place to modify, around line 138 we assign the focal repo for jammy so for noble you’ll also need to set it to focal as we don’t have a noble repo

138       # We use focal ubuntu package for jammy
139       elif [ "${CODENAME}" = "jammy" ]
140       then
141           CODENAME="focal"
142       fi

You’ll need to add another block like that to handle noble

So like this?


After adding this line I still have the error :smiling_face_with_tear:

If you are just re-running the script on the same server that is expected. Before adding a new repository it’ll run an update on what is there and that looks to be the step this is failing on. So you’ll either want to just start with a fresh server, or you’ll need to remove the incorrect repo before running this script again


Thank you, I’ll try that :slight_smile: