Updating 1 -> 2 , composer install

I inherited Passbolt from past colleague and im trying to update it, since i did not install it i have vague idea of how its composed together. Anyway, there is step by step help so should be no problem.

But, i ran into issue with

  1. Install the dependencies

/var/www$ cd ./passbolt
/var/www/passbolt$ composer install

I get

root@passbolt:/var/www# composer install
-su: composer: command not found

The whole command does not make sence to me, i understand i may perhaps need to install composer, but its not that simple as apt-get install, i simply get unable to locate package using for example

apt-get install make git-core composer unzip g++ linux-headers-amd64 -y

So iam not sure what is this step all about and how to deal with it :confused:

Hello @charge,

Yes you need to install composer. You can find more information on how to get composer depending on your system here:

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