Upgrading Passbolt to V3

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I need help. We need to update our passbolt server to V3 and upgrade the OS to Ubuntu 20. But please could someone assist with the proper process with regards to this as i know just doing an update breaks the server?

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Hi @Richard Welcome to the forum!

Can you please provide your current OS version, current passbolt version and some info about which method you already used to installed passbolt?

Morning to you Garrett, thanks so much.

Currently Ubuntu 18.04-LTS, current Passbolt version 2.13.5/3.2.3. We are not 100% sure of the installation method as this is a server that was previously configured by another member that has since left.

It’s a good chance it was installed with what we would call “installation scripts”, which was the older approach. I recommend you follow Passbolt Help | Migrate passbolt CE from install scripts to Ubuntu package which includes the upgrade details you need.

The files from the old process were together and commonly found in /var/www/passbolt. The new package will produce new file locations. If you search the forum for /etc/passbolt you’ll find many threads about this upgrade process which rolled out earlier this year. But follow the link above to get started.

Hi Garrett, once again, many thanks.

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Morning to you Garrett, hope that you are well.

Ok, server has been upgraded to 20.04 but now i am getting the following error:
502 Bad Gateway (nginx/1/18.0 ubuntu)

Any suggestions? (sorry, linux is not my strong suite)

@Richard Did you already update passbolt as well?

The error is caused by various things.
sudo nginx -t to test config file

Hi @Richard,

Did you use the ubuntu package? If so you can execute:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure passbolt-ce-server

Then, you select Yes to reconfigure the nginx server
The next screen will depends of your https configuration:

  • You have a certificate on the server: choose manual
  • You are using let’s encrypt: choose auto
  • You are using http: choose none

In order to be sure you can execute at the end of the wizard: sudo systemctl restart nginx
If you still have issue, then we will have to see the log of nginx

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