Use MariaDB instead of MySQL on Ubuntu Migration


I am replicating an existing passbolt instance so that it can be used for failover as I did here MySQL replication.
However, the existing installation used MariaDB but the new installation on Ubuntu when Migrating picks MySQL instead. When I do DB replication, there is an error experienced related to difference in collation between MySQL and MariaDB similar to this link
Possible solution I thought is to force the new Installation to use MariaDB instead.
Is there a guide on how to edit the script to use MariaDB on Ubuntu instead of MySQL? I see RedHat based servers picks MariaDB by default.

To force a different database option the easiest way is going to be to say no to the database step in the install process. Then install mariadb manually, set up the user + pass, and the database. Then you can use that information to complete the installation via the web UI

On Ubuntu, it will install by default.

Unless I edit the script to skip the installation.

Unfortunately, I had to use an inadvertent method. I let the installation proceed, then remove MySQL and re-install MariaDB,

apt purge mysql-client-core-8.0 mysql-common mysql-server-8.0 mysql-server-core-8.0 default-mysql-server
rm -rf /etc/mysql/
rm -rf /var/lib/mysql
apt install mariadb-server
dpkg-reconfigure passbolt-ce-server

The installation was successful.